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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    Skills: I'm inclined against changing the skills, but you're the third person to suggest it, so let's talk shop.
    My position is that the revised monk is intended to take its place as a skill monkey alongside the beguiler, rogue, factotum, scout, ninja, expert, and spellthief. Since the monk has Int as a dump stat, I maintain that, like the rogue and scout, he needs 8 skill points per level at a minimum to fill that role. Beguiler, spellthief and factotum have an Int focus and spells to boot, so they can get away with only 6 points per level. Expert and Ninja have 6 points per level without spells or an Int focus, and frankly, the expert is an NPC class for a reason and limited skills is one of the reasons the ninja class sucks. Let us not go down that road.
    So, what's your reasoning behind preferring 6 points per level over 8?
    No reason. You just converted me.

    Ability Management: Yeah. One of my concerns is that there are a lot of consumables to manage. I specifically don't want to add a new power system like power points or ki points or anything like that. For me, that crosses the line between "revised monk" and "new class that is very monk-like". Also, others have already done psionic monks, ki monks, and martial initiator monks. Those wells have already been tapped, IMO. I'm really aiming for Monk Classic here.

    What I could do is create a menu power, where you have x uses per day of your power and gain additional options for those uses as you advance in level. I've done that a lot with other classes and feel pretty comfortable within that design space. Let me think on this.
    I understand what you're saying -- that it's frighteningly similar to Power Points, for instance. But I think what you're considering doing in its place is pretty similar in function, if not form: X uses of Abundant Step that you can instead use to go Ethereal instead. Might be easy to grant them Stunning Fist and simply have everything based off of Stun uses.

    As-is, at least you're using the same formula for it. It kinda bothers me when I see homebrew stuff where there'll be stuff like "you can use it 3+Cha times/day..." and then another ability that you can use "a number of times per day equal to half your levels in this class + your cha mod" so now you have an ability that's 3+cha times/day and another that'll end up 10+cha, and it just gets hard to keep track of what and suddenly you're adding 3+cha to damage instead of just cha or what-have-you. yours is a pretty simple Wis times/day min 1. Write it on your character sheet like spells per level and you're good to go.
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