The ship slowly creaks out of the harbour, and the sounds of Tay are soon lost in the mist. Aside from yourselves and the ship's crew, there appear to be a few other passengers. A small group of gnomes is huddled at the bow, tossing frequent glares at a well-armed, white-winged kobold leaning against the rail near the middle of the ship. For his part, he appears to be unmindful of the chill in the air or the group, occasionally offering a toothy grin in return.

Once the ship is clear of the harbour and on course, the captain disappears into the rear cabin, and Art wanders around the deck, offering each of the passengers a sip from a flask that, if accepted, turns out to contain cherry brandy. She ends her course next to Ameretat, sitting down and offering her the flask. "Heh, I was about to say it's been a while since I've seen someone my own size heading north, but there've been too many gnomes to count. Still, all they ever talk about is that dead kingdom of theirs. You're from a little further south, I'd guess? What brings you up here?"