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We may find ourselves disagreeing on this, but I'm concerned that ten years of monk suckage may be subconsciously influencing you here. Looking at your comments:

Fiery Defense: I think you've got a point here. I'll nerf this one.
Eagle Claw Attack: a monk could do the same thing with an adamantine club. If a feat can't do half of what a non-magical weapon material does, what can it do?
Improved Ki Strike and Defense: I agree. Hard to evaluate. They sort of straddle the border between feats and class features.
Flying Kick: compare to the feat Spirited Charge, or the 1st-level spell rhino's rush. Again, if a feat can't do what a 1st-level spell can do, what can it do?
Fists of Iron: Again, why is our frame of reference here a 1st-level power? Why not compare this to mighty wallop or greater mighty wallop instead, or even to righteous might or giant size for that matter?

We've got to get ourselves out of this trap of thinking that a feat should be weaker than a 1st-level spell or a minor piece of gear.
Eagle Claw: True, but the sheer amount of hardness that it pierces is daunting. The fact that an Iron wall has Hardness 8 makes the fact that you get to pierce like hardness 50 pretty fast is weird. The scaling mechanic is almost completely unnecessary, and too fast. If you want it pierce everything, just say that it pierces everything.

Flying Kick: This is just my opinion, but those are badly designed. Straight up doubling should almost never be used. They are balanced if you take 1 attack, not an entire flurry. Ridiculous damage ensues. I think when you use it it should impose some kind of a penalty, like a -5 to attack or something.

Fists of Iron: This is true... I tend not to like to compare to spell, because then we end up with feat-form celerity, but this is true. IMO, Greater Mighty Wallop is overpowered, but I guess you do have to wait until higher levels until you can use it. Just make sure that it cannot stack with itself.