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Thread: Dragon Age - A Story

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    Default Dragon Age - A Story

    Note - This has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Just a story idea I've had for a while, and I thought of it before I knew the game existed. Coincidence in the titles.

    Anyways, like I said, I've had this story going on in my head for a few years, actually. Thought I'd finally get it out there.

    Yes, it's all text. I don't plan on any pictures for it. Though, if anybody wants to draw some up, feel free. I don't mind.

    I'll update this when I can, which is most likely to be at random times. So, check back often.

    Each chapter will be split into a couple of parts, cause the forum allows only so many words per post. And, it's easier for me that way.

    I would greatly appreciate any comments you have on it, good or bad. If they're bad, could you at least be constructive with them? Please?

    Table of Contents
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