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    While his "blood brother" left Wildgeist waiting to know his name while he was inevitably lured by his curiosity, he remained at a close distance of the speakers so he could hear what they talked about. In the momment the half-orc mentioned him, Wildgeist waved his hand and gave a little grin to the female halfling as she stared at him and approached so he could chat a bit with the small passenger and continue his conversation with Henri.

    Wildgeist says joyfully in Orcish:


    Well brother, at least I came to know your name after all, although not by my question being answered....

    Then Wildgeist laughed loudly and continued speaking in common:

    Hi there little partner! I think I heard Ameretat is your name. I'm Wildgeist, son of Teufelwucht. Nice to meet you!
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