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    When the Hounds' role is explained, Raffy simply raises his eyebrows and says nothing.

    To Lothar he comments: "No, I think they mean the other place... where he just rented an upper room. Not our basement." He looks at Ithelus. "Right?"

    To Pieter: "Right then. We need to get a lot of flammable material. And shovels and some lumber in case we have to dig through an area and shore it up. The Doc can take care of us tonight, then first thing in the morning we'll need to get the supplies to go down there and free those slaves."

    Earlier he told Pieter to stop tagging along with the group, but he makes no mention of that now, for some reason. He seems to assume Pieter will be coming with them.

    ((OOC: Did we borrow or buy the tools? I can't remember, but Raffy may need to return his pry bar. And a lamp that no longer exists.))
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