Lothar barked a rough laugh. "He's a fool, 'swhat 'e is. You oughta take a look at his injuries 'swell, Doc- we've been mucking about in sewers, fightin' bizarre rat-mutant things." The soldier shuddered and made a drinking motion.

"I need a bath in whiskey, and to burn my boots. No idea what kinda filth those gits had coatin' their teeth..."

He looked up from fiddling with his boots, a disgusted expression on his face. "Raffy an' I were lookin' into that infected well, hoping to clean it up. Found tunnels, mutant tracks, an' real freaky little rat-bastards. Pi- ah, Rudiger- there also found some humans trapped in cages down there. I think the pl- um. I think the... illness you've encountered is related to our mutant problem." He finally managed to remove his boots, and shook his hands. The soldier's bearded face wrinkled up as he tried to clean some of the muck from his hands on the corner of the building.