Chapter 2 - Part 1

John was waiting by the receiving area behind the school the next morning. A handful of others were with him, all looking like they were going on a trip. Some of the other students question them as they went in. The generic answer became "Club trip". Of course, nobody asked what club.

John saw Pete walking down the sidewalk and waved to him. Pete was dragging one of those rolling luggage racks behind him.

"Hey John. Seen Marc yet?"

John shook his head. "Nope. Bus should be here any minute, too."

"Maybe he's getting some other ride?"

John shrugged. "Maybe." Then he squinted at the far end of the parking lot for a moment. "Well, there's our ride."

It wasn't a school bus, which was what John was expecting. Instead, it was a tour bus.

It pulled up to the curb and signified its stop with the traditional hiss of the brakes. The doors opened, and people started pilling inside.

When John stepped in, he let out a whistle. Pete followed him in. "Damn."

The walls, ceiling, and floor were carpeted, and each seat was a full, cloth seat. There were cargo holds above the seats, where some people were sticking their luggage. Small monitors were placed underneath the holds, one for each seat.

John and Pete headed for two seats in the back. Once seated, John saw that the monitors had DVD players and headphones.

Once everybody was on board, Mr. Drant stepped onto the bus.

"Good morning everybody. As most of you know, I am Mr. Drant. Now, the bus ride is going to be about three hours, so, please, make yourselves comfortable. The monitors have been set up for you to watch movies in peace, and you may talk amongst yourselves as you please."

He did a silent head count. Satisfied, he turned around and stepped into the driver's compartment, shutting the door behind him. With some loud squeaks and another hiss of air, the bus started moving.

Pete turned to John. "He must be getting a ride, then. I mean, he wouldn't miss this. I don't think anybody in their right mind would miss it."

John nods his agreement, curious about why Marc didn't show.