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Thread: Tooth and Tentacle [base class PEACH]

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    Hey, a thought. You should maybe add something to help with melee touch attacks(used to initiate grapples). Just a couple augments that would help it get high in all aspects of the grapple... especially things like hooked tentacle. If you have a super-long tentacle, it may be great for grappling, but the attack bonus *hurts* when it comes to actually touching the person to start the grapple.

    Also, I have an idea for a new feature: stomach! (or something of that sort). It would let you expand your stomach dimension(adding extra stomachs could be expensive, but could let you have some kind of cool multi-room stomach palace inside you) and improve its defenses, maybe with augments like adding energy resistance, hardness, or AC to stomach walls, making it harder to climb out a throat, or maybe blocking the ability to teleport out a stomach.

    I know I'm not being very clear on the stomach feature, so if you want I could write up basically what I'm talking about (like magi has done with the skin).
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