Secret roles:

Tech-Sensitive: You can somehow sense the usage of the strange technology around you. You are informed what technology is used, though not the results. Additionally, if you find one of the more technological items, you may expend a night to assimilate its ability. Reproducing such an ability has a cooldown time of one night.

Time-Sensitive: Each night, you may choose a dead player and see into their past, learning what actions they took when they were alive. You may sometimes glean some of the results of these actions.

Mimic: Every other night choose a target. The following night, you may reproduce their actions from that night on a target or targets of your choice, though you will not be told in advance what those actions were.

Schizophrenic: The experiments have taken an unfortunate toll on your mind. You now have split, conflicting personalities. You have one of the following three abilities:
Careless bane
Careless day-bane
However only one of these abilities actually yields successful results. You have to figure out which one.

Figments: You are the Schizophrenicís other personalities. You gain the benefit of his/her other abilities, which donít work for him/her. However, since you donít actually exist, your points donít count except for breaking ties, unless you point at the same person the Schizophrenic does.
You win if you get rid of the other figment, and then the Schizophrenic. It must be done in that order. If the Schizophrenic dies while both of you are still alive, you both die with him.

Organ Harvester: Your imprint was based on one of GeneCoís Repo Men. You have been given 3 targets to claim organs from. Each night you may:
Stalk: You follow your chosen target, observing them to learn if they are one of your targets. You will be given an account of how they act hinting at their mutation.
Kill: Choose a target to kill and claim an organ from. If you kill someone who is not one of your targets, you will be unable to act at all the following night phase.
You win if you succeed in killing and claiming the organs from all 3 targets. If some or all of them die by other hands than yours, you will take one additional night to collect all the organs from the corpses.