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Okay, here's my idea... I know it doesn't have 10 augments, but I'm still thinking about it. I don't know if you think it would work, but, it's something that I think would be cool for a character.

Stomach: Cost - 10
Appearance: Stomachs appear as fleshy sacs inside the Ozodrin,
Required Level: 16
Benefits: Stomachs can be useful tools to an Ozodrin who likes eating things(or people). A mouth in one stomach can lead to another stomach, allowing for large complexes inside the Ozodrin's stomach dimension. A stomach has all the benefits described in Swallow Whole. You have one stomach automatically, which cannot be removed or sold for form points.

Stomach of Steel: Additional cost 3
The hardness of this stomach is increased by 5. You can add this augment multiple times to the same stomach.

Dimensional Trap: Additional cost 4
Blocks teleportation in and out of your stomach dimension.

Resistant Innards: Additional cost 3
Grants 10 energy resistance to your stomach. You can add this augment multiple times to the same stomach.

Sticky Stomach: Additional cost 4
Flight spells do not work inside your stomach. Additionally, monsters that can normally fly must succeed on a DC of (your class level) strength check before each move action if they wish to fly.

Saliva: Additional cost 3
The DC to climb out of your throat increases by 10. This augment can be added multiple times to the same stomach.

Membranous Construction: Additional cost 1
A minor piece of furniture forms in your stomach, made of the same material as the rest of the stomach.

Class ability:
Eat Yourself: In a seemingly logic-defying action, you devour your own body, vanishing from existence. In reality, you have moved into your own stomach, putting you there. You may exit through another use of this ability, putting you in exactly the same place you were before you ate yourself. It takes a full-round action to activate this ability.
I just had an image of a party that uses the ozodrin's stomach as their base. It would be feasible. You could also use the stomach as a bag of holding as soon as the character learns Swallow Whole. I don't think that swallowed items are subject to destruction like devoured ones are and the stomach doesn't have any described size limits. Correct me if I'm wrong of course. Also, would an ozodrin with a fly speed (a la Starspawn) be affected by its own Sticky Stomach feature?