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Thread: Tooth and Tentacle [base class PEACH]

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    Y’know, I don’t think we have any augments at level 19.

    I like the stomach augment idea, although I think it should be level 14 and some of the abilities need to be changed. If I have time I'd like to create an expanded version for Owrtho to work with (still busy with paper, yes?). I also should to get around to creating a revised version of skin.

    Fixes I think need to be made to skin:

    > Separate Skin that Hides from Skin that Pretends. Perhaps alter what it does.
    > All skins excepts StP, Reality Warping Skin, and maybe Iron Skin and StH become multi-usable on the same skin.
    > Change Magic Eating skin so that it costs 4 form points for a total SR of 10 + 3 per magic eating skin (including the first one, for a starting total of 13).
    > Change healing skin so that it actually works with the other feeding skins as intended, which by RAW it currently would not.

    Response to post above this one.
    Comments in bold
    Quote Originally Posted by periscope69 View Post
    Well you could add poison to the bites (either something that paralyzes, puts them to sleep, or that targets their Str or Dex, so it's easier to eat them [they still have to scream you know ]).

    Could be an augment.

    Maybe an ability (call it consume or something like that) that, instead of gulping them down with one big mouth, sicks a bunch of little mouths on them at the same time, each taking a bite out of them (sort of like Flurry of Blows, or maybe count as a swarm).

    You could form multiple mouths and do this already.

    Something that lets the Ozodrin slip out of a grapple if it goes bad (Like the power of the travel domain).

    This class has access to dimensional travel, can change its size, and can give itself massive bonuses to either grapple or escape artist as a move action. It may be able to eat itself.

    Maybe sneak attack or something but only with natural weapons (maybe make it an eye thing that lets you "see" their vitals).
    I don't think this is needed. I don't want to swipe other classes' primary attack styles on a whim.

    I'd support bonus Aberration feats.

    Or something like the Druids Thousand Faces ability.
    Skin that pretends?

    Immunity to poisons and diseases might be nice (they are heading down Aberration Alley after all). Maybe extend to negative levels after a while.
    Maybe a new Skin augment, I did think about this.

    Maybe a shadow form (not incorporeal) that would let them into places. Think Shadow Body from Expanded Psionics Handbook.

    Or maybe like an ooze they can literally squeeze themselves into places (maybe even count as a few sizes smaller for the purposes of fighting in tight, low, or generally cramped spaces).
    Size changing abilities cover this, I think. Escape artist could help too. Maybe a skin augment for this purpose, though.

    Scent to track down prey and possibly the Track Feat as a class feature. I mean these are predators, they should have extreme means to find prey. Maybe have it as part of the mouth augments (like a snake your "tasting" the air to find them).
    I’m not so certain about this one

    Climb speed?
    They can fly, swim, burrow, and get a bonus to climb checks. True, I don’t think they can get a climb speed at the moment

    Maybe something like a weasel from the Monster Manual which lets you "lock" your jaw on someone until they beat your grapple check?

    Not a bad mouth augment idea.

    Maybe count as an outsider at 20th level (seems standard) with a possibility to stop aging if you get to a higher level (and none of that "you die when your time is up bit").
    You already turn into an aberration at level 10. You could stop aging then, really. The capstone should help epic. Outsider type wouldn’t do that.

    Maybe an ability to create darkness (and since you can have blindsight like that, it won't hurt you).
    That could be an augment of some kind, really. I considered something for skin that created mist. But you get gaze attacks….
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