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    I saw that Owthro has not added the skins as features, nor the fins, to the main list of features, so they are not part of the class as of yet.

    I also haven't seen anything (other than certain aberrant feats) that gives you the ability to fly.

    Also, did it ever seem like a good idea for them to get Improved Grapple as a bonus feat and Improved Grab as a class feature? The class focuses on that stuff and a +4 bonus to grapple checks and not provoking an attack of opportunity to actually grapple (since the only feature that lets you do something like that is tentacle (coiling) which makes you take a penalty to your grapple check) would probably be nice. I mean I see bonuses to grapple but nothing that helps initiate a grapple in the first place.

    The puppet thing maybe, since it catches them flat footed but still.

    On the outsider thing, I was thinking aberrations+Far Realms stuff so.....

    Also, with the tentacles, can they transport themselves through that tentacle? I mean I know they have Strange Movement already but hear me out.

    From the description of Strange Movement, you either have to be able to see where your going or at least know where your going (like somewhere you've seen before) since it doesnt say anything about line of sight or anything and those tend to be the defaults. And it can only be used to 5 x class level per day feet.

    What I'm talking about is stuff like this:

    Say your in a room and you need to get out, let's say either a cell or someone's coming. You don't want to be seen. Say your out of Strange Movement or there is a dimensional anchor around there. You extend a tentacle either out the window or through a pipe, get it to a clear space with an eye on the end to see if it's ok. Then you sort of meld your body through the tentacle to the other side (probably looking really freaky while you do it).
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