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    Well, it seems there is a lot to address. To periscope69, I already stated I'm adding the fin and skin features. I just haven't gotten around to it due to needing to reformat them to match the other features and reword some things as well as a final paper for a class I'm taking (will be done with it Thursday of next week). Now, in the order mentioned:

    Bite abilities would be augments most likely.

    You can already have multiple mouths devouring a single creature.

    Like Magikeeper, plenty of ways out. You also overlooked the Strange Anatomy's benefits to grappling (you ignore size penalties for grappling and gain a +5 bonus to escape artist checks).

    Not sure about the sneak attacks.

    May give some bonus feats if it needs them by the time the features are all done.

    Skin that pretends will be able to do some of this.

    Might add that to becoming an aberration (along with stopping ageing).

    Already various ways to do such.

    Again, a number of ways.

    Doesn't really fit.

    I think I'll add some limb augments for that (one for climbing and an absent upgrade to it).

    May look into it.

    Already becomes an aberration. I get what you mean with the far realms and all, but aberration suits the class better.

    Not sure how well it fits the class. I'll think about it.

    Not much that needs answering in Magikeeper's post. So skipping to next one.

    Well, I've stated they will be added. I suppose it's up to you if you want to wait before counting them though.

    Fins will give ability to fly.

    I will add improved grapple. Going to make coiling tentacle loose its penalty at later levels.

    Not sure what you're talking about with the puppet.

    As I said, I feel aberration fits better than outsider. Particularly as some games may choose to not have the far realms but still want to include the class.

    That would actually make a fun augment for later levels.

    Line of sight isn't needed for strange movement. You just need to know where you are relative to where you want to be. Also isn't prevented by dimensional anchor after getting to level 10.

    Not much to say about story. But new augments for tentacles and limbs (fins are up too.
    Also, I'm out of room in the first post...
    May need to move some info to my second post in the thread.

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