Chapter 2 - Part 2

As Mr. Drant said, the ride lasted three hours. Everybody started looking out the windows as they pulled into their destination.

They were on a dirt road lined with a short, wooden fence. The road passed under a wooden arch. A sign hung from the arch. It had been there for a little while, as it looked weather beaten. However, the words, painted yellow, were still visible.

"Welcome to Cole Canoe Base."

Just past the arch, on the right, there was a small shed that looked to be used for storage. Through the open door they could see a lot of blue and yellow paddles. Not far past the shed was a shallow river.

The bus continued on, and the road became surrounded by many trees. When they opened again, there was a small open field on the left. The edges of the field held a couple of wooden climbing structures. Then the trees returned to claim the view.

A couple of paths could be seen leaving the road, delving into the trees.

After another couple of minutes, the trees opened again to reveal a parking lot on the left. There were a couple of buildings set a ways from the lot.

The bus pulled into the lot. There were a couple of other buses here already.

Once the bus stopped, the doors opened, and people began pouring out. John and Pete grabbed their stuff and followed.

Mr. Drant was waiting outside. "Welcome to Cole Canoe Base. This property is normally a Scout camp, but they allow us to use it for a few weeks each year. So, for the next three weeks, this will be your home."

A hand shot up from the crowd, and Mr. Drant pointed to it. "Yes? Question?"

It was a girl with brown hair and a bright yellow shirt. "Um, yeah, where's the hotel?"

Mr. Drant chuckled. "No, no, there is no hotel." There was a groan from a few people. "You will be sleeping in tents. They have all been set up already, and once we are done here, I will tell you where they are."

"Now then!" He claps his hands together. "This lot will be used for any camp-wide meetings we have. That building over there is the administrative building. Any problems with other campers should be taken there. That building is the medical office, and that one is the main pavilion and camp store."

"And, if you will all form up a line, I'll hand out maps and tell you where you will be staying."