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Thread: Tooth and Tentacle [base class PEACH]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magicyop View Post
    Like... maybe for capstone, instead of (level*3)+Cha+Aberrant Feats, capstone could change it to (level+cha+aberrant feats)*3, so the charisma modifier gets multiplied in too. So a level 21 Ozodrin with 22 Charisma and two aberrant feats would have 87 form points.
    What about [(level*3)+Cha+Aberrant Feats]*2, or maybe even (level*10)+Cha+Aberrant Feats? The latter would be an additional 140 form points at level 20, which is a lot, while the former would be an extra 60 + 2xCha + 2xAberrant feats. Doubling all points from all sources is also an option, if we want epic Ozodrins to be based around farspawn.

    To compare, lets look at a level 21 human Ozodrin with 10 aberrant feats [x4 farspawn, 1x deepspawn(6fp)] and a cha of 30. I think that would be closer to the average PC without flaws, although a main stat would probably be above 30 by that level.

    Without capstone: 63c + 10af + 20fs + 6ds + 10cha = 109fp
    Partial Double Method: 109 + [10af] + [10cha] = 129fp
    Doubling Method: 109 + 63c + [10af] + [10cha] = 192fp
    Full Double Method: 109 x 2 = 218fp
    x10 method: 109 + 140c = 249fp

    If 4x farspawn seems like too many, subtract 10 points from the 109.
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