I notice that none of them found any way to bypass immunity/resistance to fire. Saw a lot of Swordsage, which was rather a given, and Rogue for the Whip proficiency, which was also a given.

My idea, if I wasn't swallowed by RL this past week, would have been a Soulknife/Pyro, using the ACF to trade in Psychic Strike for Bonus Feats. Use the Whip to trip, then go to town, dual-wielding whip and mindblade. With his one power being Expansion, going to a Large size means he threatens 5' and 10' with his Mindblade, and threatens 15' with his whip, so he still has full coverage.

Bladewind + Greater Weapon Afire + other bonus damage = all opponents get hurt badly

Bolt of Fire is also a useful RTA against opponents he cannot close with. Comparable damage with a Warlock, anyways, as long as it doesn't go HFW.

Collision is a fun ability, and will probably be his standard enhancement, however if he knows his opponents are going to be well buffed, Suppression is the flavor of the day. On the rare occasions that he faces off against psionic opponents, he may use Mindcrusher.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to bypass fire immunity.