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Thread: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge VIII

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    My other builds were pretty varied.

    Had a human ex druid/pyro/blighter/natures warrior. Flaming undead Dire Tiger silliness.

    Thri-kreen Fighter/Ranger/Battle Trickster/Pyro. Multi attack and multiweapon fighting chains. Had something like 17 attacks on a full attack. 14 fire lash, 2 tentacles and a bite.

    Derro wilder/Pyro

    and finally, a Gityanki shadowmind/pyro concept. Could not find a way to fit in levels of mindspy though.

    As an aside, I'm not sure that the Ordered Chaos feat works the way people thinks it does. I was going to use it for Kensai on one of my builds, but noticed that it only allows you to be considered chaotic for Abyssal Heritor feats. Was there some errata or something?
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