I didn't have any in mind. Are there changes that you think should be made?

It's not clear how the Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialisation abilities function together. Do they stack, trigger under different conditions, what? If they stack, why are they not listed together in each other's ability descriptions?
They don't stack, as per the normal D&D meaning of that term, because they add bonuses to different things. They do both apply at the same time. WF adds to attack, WS adds to damage. I'm not sure how to make it clearer, given the lines...

Weapon Focus (Ex): A fighter may choose slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning weapons. He gains a +2 attack bonus when wielding any weapon that does the chosen damage.

Weapon Specialization (Ex): When wielding a weapon that does the same type of damage as the fighter's Weapon Focus ability, the fighter does an additional +6 damage.
(bolded for clarity, not to be a jerk).

I used the current scaling for the damage to reach 100dmg at 20th level - what a Warblade could do with the 9th level Iron Heart maneuver. But I think you have a valid point that at lower levels it skews the power level. How about this:

From levels 1-10 it deals 5 x 1/2 Fighter levels.
From levels 11-15 it deals 5 x 3/4 Fighter levels.
From levels 16-20 it deals 5 x Fighter levels.

Or would you prefer that it stayed at 5 x 1/2 Fighter levels the whole time? Or some totally different method of bonus damage?


That's not the primary job of the Fighter. That's the Knights role, which I will also be revising with that in mind as one of it's core functions.

However, the Fighter should be able to do that job in another way - by being a formidable and deadly opponent, the enemy will ignore him at their peril.

Although...certain Tome of Battle stances/maneuvers provide that function you speak of. I'll have to think about it, as it may be a valuable addition to the class.


Hmm. Sort of how the Warblade can change the weapon that it's weapon specific feats apply to? If I were to implement this ability I think I would restrict it to feats that could be taken as Fighter bonus feats. How would you feel about that?