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    In a game I dm (long ago)

    There a group of 6. They are give the job of assassinating a ex-mercenary leader politician Drafus in the city they are staying in.
    They ask if they could gather info and i ask how they would do it. they said they would do it in groups of two to different places (taverns, local trading house thieves guild etc, each of the group had the own sources and i would modify info gained depending where they got it from) and pool there info gained at the end.
    Group one try the mercenary guild learns that Drafus as three half orc Clansmen body guards, one of which is always with him and has a small number of mercenary trainees sent from the guild to teach them basic skills (read mooks if they attack head on)

    Group two go to a upper class tavern and learn that Drafus get his food deliveries from a very up market suppliers, that he has start a fashion craze for wolf hounds among the aristocrat as he is often seen walking a giant wolf and that he has a personnal halfling cook renowned for his fine tasting meals.

    Group 3 well.... they spent the day in the religious area and learnt about the great red squirrel and his Nemesis the Evil low grey Squirrel. Yes they spent the day in the company of loony cultist.

    The best thing was the whole group decided to join the squirrel cult (which of course wore squirrel outfits) and use them to stage an diversionary attack on Drafus home while they snuck in the back way.
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