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    Alkania Leah Danir
    Anchor, Allie, 'that kid who stole my glasses'

    Gender: Female
    Race: Demigoddess
    Age: Physically & mentally middle aged, temporally young.
    Alignment: Dark blue
    Class: Thief
    Power Rating: C?


    Alkania was born not long enough ago to a cursed Cleosepha Danir and Zophiel, and promptly stolen away to another dimension by faeries. This and exposure to pyschic powers and nanomachines have made her age and learn at vastly more than normal speeds, and she will be dead of old age within three years. See equipment
    Being rescued was certainly different, but with one parent on the run through the multiverse and the other a nervous wreck living in a cave, it wasn't exactly a return to normality.
    There was at least a house for a while. But it was repossessed. Then there was a few months of living on the streets with a malfunctioning robot and a sentient lizard, alternately starving and gorging on lost travelers. When her robot friend inevitably went crazy, she ended up in GLoG, and found part of her family again.

    Ghostly: Anchor can walk through solid things and hover, though she cannot go deeper into objects or higher above the ground than her own height. With the help of her ring, she can also become solid.
    Not of this World: She is able to freely move between reality and some sort of spirit realm, which she regards as her proper home.
    Dream-Eater: Anchor can drain peoples' emotions and certain nonemotional mental qualities, and is nourished by doing so. Physical food sickens her. The loss of feelings is usually temporary, but a prolonged effort can permanently damage someone's mind or personality. Her ring amplifies the strength of her draining and broadens the range of what she can treat as an 'emotion'. Additionally, she need not and cannot sleep.
    Alternate Forms: Anchor can turn into a variety of cats. Most of these forms require her ring, but she can turn into a small Balinese cat through effort alone.
    Secret of Creation: Anchor can create almost-living beings out of shadow and feeling. These animals need nothing to sustain them and evoke emotion in those around them, but are otherwise normal creatures. She has yet to try to create truly intelligent life.

    Ghost-Proof Shades: These sunglasses, stolen from Arina, can be touched by solid people even when Anchor is incorporeal, but they are incredibly painful to normal people. She is almost always wearing them, and hopes one day to dramatically remove them before a confrontation.
    Just a harmless walking stick: This multipurpose tool can be used to stand on, poke things, or be transformed into a scythe. With Anchor's ring, it can switch between solid and insubstantial. Without the ring, it counts as both.
    Unbreakable Wire: Exactly what it says on the tin. A few feet long, and too thick to be much good for cutting.

    Theme Song: Tears of the Blue Sky
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