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    Alkania Leah Danir
    Anchor, Allie, 'that kid who stole my glasses', Hunter

    Gender: Female
    Race: Earthly fae demigoddess
    Age: It's complicated. Has lived for dozens of subjective years, some in places where time moved differently, and had lifespan magically adjusted. Looks both old and young. At least 3 and no more than 50 years, no matter how it's counted.
    Alignment: Pink / True Neutral
    Class: Rogue/Conjurer
    Power Rating: B
    Description: A little thin, a little small, a little weak. Starvation when young kept her from properly growing, but she's done everything possible to recover. Black hair, usually in a tangled mess and so held back with a tie. Pale, slightly olive-tinged skin. Grey almond eyes, round face.
    A statuesque imitation of a person, cast in metal and plastic. It's her same size, similar slightly feminine shape. Lighter, as it's mostly hollow and toys with gravity. A set of winglike solar cells are folded behind it, the extra mass offset by the ability to charge in any good location.
    The head seems to be a good shop mannequin hollowed out and filled with sensors.
    Torso, more of a suggestion. 'Optimized' metal bones and filligree protect more and hide less than a human skeleton. Cables and wires and humming machinery fit visiblly inside. Not nearly as flexible as a proper spine. Far more mobile than a proper spine should be.
    Her left arm is very nice. Professionally made. Sleek lines, elegant yet solid, white plates and nearly invisible seams. The hand is removable and replaceable.
    The right arm is more crude, though almost as functional.
    The legs are least functional of all, sufficient only for walking forward and careful climbing. They are a separate piece, slotted into and easily exchanged for a wheeled body with a similar interlink.

    Personality: 'Bitter' is an accurate description. Guilty, but content. Alkania is quiet and non-confrontational, unless there's someone to protect, literally or metaphorically. She is angry at a world that only appreciates her capacity for violence. She finds gifts to be the best expression of care, and is often depressed. Since reviving, she is paranoid.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Alkania was born not long enough ago to a cursed Cleosepha Danir and Zophiel, and promptly stolen away to another dimension by faeries.
    She was rescued, in what was longer to her than to the rescuers, but it wasn't long after that her family split up. Her mother had to return to her own world, and her father was occupied aiding a dear friend at the ocean, which Alkania could barely approach.
    When the noble who had given them shelter died, the child Alkania ended up living on the streets with a band of intelligent lizards and malfunctioning machines. They lived off petty crime, complementing each others' needs.

    When things went wrong and no amount of batteries or recalibration could help one of her mechanical friends, she took them to the GLoG, where she became a member for a while, learning to heal people. Then her idol Reinholdt left, and after an argument with Quinn, she had no reason to stay.
    It was earlier that she had met a creature of shadow that took her through time and worlds, and gave her a way to extend her life and live once again at normal speeds.
    It was even earlier that she had participated in a mission to protect some far off place she'd never heard of, and Alkania first killed someone.
    She was one of the powers who answered Aequitus's prayers and led to the founding of VIGIL, where she was a member as long as it was active.

    Then she died. She didn't get very far.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Ghostly: Anchor can walk through solid things and hover, though she cannot go deeper into objects or higher above the ground than her own height.
    Not of this World: She is able to freely move between reality and some sort of spirit realm, which she regards as her proper home.
    Dream-Eater: Anchor can drain peoples' emotions and certain nonemotional mental qualities, and is nourished by doing so. Physical food sickens her. The loss of feelings is usually temporary, but a prolonged effort can permanently damage someone's mind or personality. Additionally, she need not and cannot sleep.
    Evocation: Extradimensional storage, fae thematic.
    Secrets of Creation: Anchor can create almost-living beings out of shadow and feeling. These animals need nothing to sustain them and evoke emotion in those around them, but are otherwise normal creatures. She has yet to try to create truly intelligent life. She has recently learned to create generic matter, of any sort she can understand. It is unstable and slowly dissolves in light.
    Relevant Metaphors: Anchor can treat her life like certain styles of storytelling or game when useful, generally to create an inventory abstraction or to travel by map.
    Understudy: Anchor is aware that she is a fictional character and can narrate and break the fourth wall when it is appropriate and non-bothersome to other players.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Integrated Gadgets
    • Gravity Dispersion Unit: Makes the body much lighter or allows it to walk up walls and across the ceiling, at the cost of significantly higher power consumption and mechanical strain. Cannot completely cancel gravity. Housed in the lower body.
    • Transporter: Short range, line-of-sight only. Still amazingly useful. Housed in the skull.
    • Internal Gyro-stabiliser: Makes the body very light and allows it to balance. Housed in the lower torso.
    • A miniature clean power supply: A backup for when the batteries run out. Housed in the left torso.
    • Black silk threads: enchanted to turn blades (but not blunt weaponry; an oversight that cost their previous owner dearly). All throughout the frame.
    • Gem of Burning Light: An artifact of an evil light god whose exact powers she hasn't bother to work out. It protects her constructs from the deleterious effects of sunlight. Housed in the right Arm.

    Lost Treasures
    • Unbreakable Wire: Exactly what it says on the tin. A few feet long, and too thick to be much good for cutting.
    • Shield Belt: Protects from impacts, complementing the robe.
    • Negative Energy Potion: For healing purposes.
    • A hunting shotgun (Nineteen rounds - eight incendiary, five buckshot, and six flechettes)
    • A pair of scimitars with serpents etched into the blades and copper pommels shaped like the heads of vipers.
    • A submachine gun loaded with a single magazine of bullets enchanted with supernatural cold.
    • A greatsword made of Valyrian Steel with a black marble pommel carved into the shape of a cat's skull.
    • A suit of khaki power armour with a Union Jack painted onto the right pauldron
    • A gas mask and spare filter

    Arm Attachments
    • Hand
    • A short ranged electro-laser, which takes ~2 seconds to charge.
    • Drill
    • Sensors.
    • .55 pistol, five shots between reloads

    • Ghost-Proof Shades: These sunglasses, stolen from Arina, can be touched by solid people even when Anchor is incorporeal, but they are incredibly painful to normal people. She is almost always wearing them, and hopes one day to dramatically remove them before a confrontation.
    • Just a harmless walking stick: This multipurpose tool can be used to stand on, poke things, or be transformed into a scythe. It counts as both physical and ghostly/ethereal.
    • Ghost Ring: Provides a variety of powers. She can drain people more quickly and treat a wider range of things as 'emotions' She can become solid and subject to gravity and proper electromagnetic forces.

    A Variety of Weapons
    • A macuahuitl with lumps of green Tamrielic Glass instead of obsidian, enchanted to drain life and energy.
    • A black missile launcher with three shiny silver missiles. Flames are painted around the muzzle of the weapon's barrel, and the trigger is made of polished brass, built with aluminium and other light materials. Quite heavy and cumbersome.
    • A minigun with gold-plated barrels, a red-painted body and the words 'Bullet Time!' stencilled on the shoulder strap
    • A pair of yellow gauntlets with built-in 12-gauge shotguns that go off when the wearer punches something
    • A tiny single-shot pincap pistol (3 rounds available)
    • 2 anti-magic grenade-orbs
    • A silver morningstar enchanted to create a small sonic boom when it lands a blow. Used to shatter the Godruped's golem-body.
    • A sword made of bone and antler that arcs with electricity. She is afraid of this weapon, which reminds her of home.
    • 300 bolt-action 5.53 rifles.
    • 300 9mm automatic pistols.
    • 200 ordinary steel swords.
    • A .30 rated railgun sort of thing with an external cooling/power backpack to keep it running.
    • A .650 Tenjin hunter elephant cannon.
    • 6 chrono-grenades, which, when activated, have a fifteen second fuse before erecting a temporary stasis field around the target, freezing it in place.

    A first toy: A plush red fox. No practical purpose.
    A black rubber one-piece with lightweight, yet powerful, kevlar pads protecting the torso and limbs. It's stretchy enough that it'll fit practically any body shape.
    Three gasmasks and seven spare filters.
    A bandoleer that can integrate with the rubber suit but could also be used alone. A pair of sleek, black plastic-fibre boots
    The Treasures of the Skull:
    - Recently refurbished old fabrics and clothing, all high-quality stuff. There's a few crates of jewellery, a box of jasper statues wrapped in 1920s newspapers, a small box of uncut emeralds and a large, antique aluminium plate from the 1880s. The statues range in size from an inch-high dog to a three foot tall naked dancing girl.
    - Several crates of ammunition.
    - A variety of high-quality clothing
    - The Skull's Command Crown
    - A book of magic; inscribed upon the cover are some runes that will wipe the contents clean if somebody reads them without first speaking the password.
    - 99 coins carved from marble
    - A pair of ruby-studded gold sandals.

    Spoiler: Class
    Aww, let me tell you about my class. Those things, I guess, approximate my skills. But don't get the wrong ideas. It used to say 'Thief'. I totally did steal stuff, and I don't know any magic. I would walk through walls and scout out defenses and guards. I would look inside locks to see their combinations and tumblrs. Nowadays it's not what I do. Each day I watch the sun rise, then head to the ethereal plane and help the dead resolve any unfinished business. Sometimes I have to guide them to the right afterlife. When death is slow I read and design creatures, more on that later. At sundown I go back to the physical world, and learn. Practice shooting, running, creating. Lots of times I get pulled away for AEGIS work, and that's mostly fighting. Whenever the observatory shows something or I feel an awful burst of emotion. So maybe 'Gunslinger' would reflect it a bit better. And then once a week I head into the Hunting Grounds, create my newest creatures, and see how they do.

    Spoiler: Race

    The Fae were native creatures of the seventh planet in their solar system, which had a rather larger star than the nexus usually does.
    The Earthly fae were those who adapted to urban, civilized life alongside humanity. The Outer fae were those who left the planet rather than change. In a war much later, the Outer fae came to kill, enslave and oppress the majority of the population of Earthly fae.
    They are possessed of two types of natural magic, called glamour and grammar.
    The fae are harmed by the touch of various refined metals. Outer fae are particularly vulnerable to iron due to ancient grammar-works. Similarly, salt has mytic signifigance against them.

    These fae are acutely aware of their position in the universe, and they are graded by their ability to decide the story around them, which can rise and fall with time and growth. The least are Extras. With no narrative powers at all, they can, by circumstance or the actions of others, reach a higher level.
    Above them are Understudies, who are aware of the their nature and can observe but rarely alter.
    Agents can freely alter their own story and details.
    Primes can freely change themselves, and have some narrative control over those below them.
    Authors have nearly perfect control over the world around them. They can declare the thoughts and actions of even non-fae beings, and it will be so.
    The Hierophant is not a quality, but a position. There would normally only be one, but the Terrestrial fae and the Outer fae have both successfully empowered a Hierophant.
    They are defined somewhat by their possessions.
    The Earthly fae are almost universally predators, where the Outer fae are more detached.

    Any being with 3+ Charities, of which 1+ are open, is considered by them to be a fae.
    The seven common Charities are the Glass, the Staff, the Blade, the Map, the Cup, the Pen, and the Ring.
    The two racial Charities are the Wheel which defines the outer fae and the Mask which defines the earthly fae.
    Uncommon Charities include the Fruit and the Torch
    Reflect and Learn - The Glass
    Interact - The Staff
    Harm and Protect - The Blade
    Explain and Understand - The Map
    Gratify - The Cup
    Express and Inspire - The Pen
    Define - The Ring
    - The Wheel
    - The Mask
    - The Fruit
    - The Torch

    Spoiler: Creatures

    A fox, normal save its darkness.
    Pterosaurs, the largest ones, for flying on.
    Chaithers - Catlike, with eyes along their sides. Three heads with a single large eye each, basically an extension of their long necks. Two pairs each of fangs and many tearing needle-teeth. Very quick-moving.
    Chaistans - Hooved, six-legged things related to the above, but more docile. Two heads, one on each side, with an en eye on the top and bottom.
    Peaceflowers - Actual living plants that generate an aura of tranquility, larger the more are gathered together.

    Spoiler: Story
    This is a story about the futility of power and learning to find an acceptable place in the world. Leah has these fantastic abilities, and basically all her life she's been growing stronger. But none of them let her get what she wants, and they probably never will. She's haunted by memories of helplessness, guilt that if she had somehow been better, she could have protected her friends, or helped her father. She has this belief that she has 'paid for' her life already, but that's not enough to keep her satisfied. A lot is possible: flight, guiding peoples's thoughts, raise castles out of the air, creating somethign very like to life. But she doesn't know where her next meal comes from. Interpersonal relationships are all very asymetric. No one responds to her feelings, nor she to theirs. People don't work how she expects, and others are all this huge unknown. She tries lots of different things to fit in, but none of them work, none of the identities fit her.
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