Chapter 2 - Part 3
Fifteen minutes later, John and Pete were walking down the road, the opposite way the bus came in. Everybody had a map of the campground, and everybody was dragging their luggage behind them.

"Seriously, who needs that much stuff for camping?" Pete nods toward a girl who had three suitcases on wheels behind her. She looked like she was having a little trouble.

John shakes his head. "I have no idea, man."

The camp held a total of 6 tent sites. John and Pete were assigned to the largest, and furthest from the entrance. Silver Creek.

When the group of twenty walked to the tent site, they saw that it was split into two areas, with a patch of trees separating it down the middle. The area to the right was a little smaller, mostly level, and had rows of bright orange, dome shaped tents. The area to the left was larger and seemed to follow a hill. This area had the firepit, and a long canopy that held several picnic tables. In the middle, right where the two areas joined together, was a small wooden building that seemed to be the latrine.

The group kind of hovered in the entrance for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then, a girl's voice spoke to everybody.

"I call that tent!"

A brown-haired figure dashed from the group to the very first tent. And with that, the rest of the group followed suit, picking their tents. The slow ones got the tents furthest from the entrance.

There were enough tents for each person to have one. As such, John and Pete grabbed tents right next to each other. They tossed their stuff in, planning on setting everything up later.

"So," Pete looked towards the other area. "When's lunch?"

John grinned. "Drant said lunch was at the pavilion today." He looked at his watch. "Still got about an hour."

Pete rubbed his stomach. "An hour? Don't know if I can make it, man."

John shook his head. "Come on. Let's check out the place."