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    The border town of Genak is normally a quiet, peaceful place, but today the streets are lined with people and the air is filled with the sound of celebration, as all of Morhelv awaits the beginning of the parade commemorating their independence. The parade route begins at the north end of town, winds its way through the crowded streets, and ends at Gamore Pass itself, where a massive statue has been erected as a memorial to the great national hero, Queen Terra the Defiant.

    King Multas stands among the parading soldiers, overjoyed with the celebration but still characteristically anxious about its outcome. He had been planning this event for five years, and wanted it to be absolutely perfect.

    He watched the cheering crowd as he passed by them. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, which helped to calm the King’s nerves. The parade had been a success. But then among the smiling faces of his people, he suddenly spotted something that turned his joy to dread.

    “Get down!” one of Multas’ attendant’s warned as an arrow flew at them from an open doorway. The crowd panicked at the sudden attack and rapidly dispersed, fleeing into their homes. Several screamed and were abruptly pulled inside by further attackers.

    “No…why this? Why now?” Multas fell to his knees, distraught.

    “Protect the King!” shouted one of his bodyguards, helping Multas back to his feet. “Hold off these attackers while we get him to safety!”

    They threw open the door to a nearby home, first checking to make sure they were not walking into a trap, and brought the king inside. From several other buildings people emerged brandishing weapons, and began to close in on the people blocking the path to their objective…

    4is111 has the map and such, so we can begin as soon as he posts it.
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