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    Mercury tilted her head back and finished her third glass with one, large gulp. The festivities began just as she came into town to sell her loot, so it was the perfect time to enjoy some drink. She'd even gotten a nicely made Iron Sword to replace the one she broke on some would-be pickpocket's head.

    As she was ordering another drink, making a spectacle of herself and driving the nearby patrons to the opposite edges of the bar, screams echoed from down the streets.

    "...feh. How's a lady supposed to enjoy herself with all that racket?" As she turned to her fourth drink, the screams grew louder and a new sound mixed into the cacophony- the clashing of steel. Mercury froze, grumbled under her breath, and snatched the drink and her sword up in a single motion.

    "Great, some punks had to pick NOW to crash the festivities. Oh well, maybe I can get a bounty out of them. This is for the drinks, and a little extra for the glass itself." *Plop* The server's objections were cut off when he saw the small pile of coins were dropped onto the counter. Mercury strode out the door and into the mess, idly sipping her drink and carrying her sword over her shoulder. "This is more my kind of party, anyhow. You guys need some help?"

    If Julian did not hit the thief at B9, move to B8 and attack.
    If Julian did hit the thief at B9, but Sheron misses, move to B8 and attack before the thief can harm Sheron.
    If both Julian and Sheron hit the thief, Mercury stays put and does nothing.
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