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    Mercury hears the man scream out an order, as the swordswoman opposite her lands a blow. What a pain in the neck. I doubt that twig with a voice planned this, he sounds too unhinged to organize anything. She sipped her drink with her free hand. Doesn't sound like the type to blab, either. We'll just have to get it out of one of his goons. Now, I'll just deal with the girl and find one of his weedier minions to knock out-

    Mercury noticed her pocket felt a bit lighter all of a sudden. She saw the bold thief getting hit by one of the defenders, and snarled. On second thought, she'll do fine as a prisoner. I want to teach her thieving friends a painful lesson for that, so they won't be in any condition to talk. Mercury swings at the other woman, aiming to knock her out with the flat of her blade.

    Attack Myrmidon 3 for the KO, do not move. If capturing ala Fire Emblem 5 is in this game, consider this as a capture attempt.
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