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    Turn 3
    Player Turn:
    Ossler moves to C6.
    Leon moves to E3.
    Leon visits.
    Racist Man

    "Assassins are after the king? Thats just like those darned vampires, isn't it? Here, take this. They're afraid of fire. Go kills some vampires for me, would you?"
    Leon got a Torch!
    Mercury moves to F6.
    Julian moves to D10.
    Julian visits.
    Supersitious Woman

    "Your protecting the king, aren't you? If he gets hurt, give him this. It's my grandmother's recipe, distilled over the course of two generations. Be careful with it. Human bone marrow is hard to come by."
    Julian got an elixir!
    Julian moves to C8.

    Enemy Turn:

    "They think they've beaten us, but they have not. Come out from hiding amongst the populous and strike at the heart of our enemy, my brothers and sisters!"
    Assassin 1 moves to A1.
    Assassin 2 waits.
    Assassin 3 moves to A3.
    Mortly waits.
    Assassin 4 reinforces to I8.
    Assassin 5 reinforces to E14.
    Assassin 6 reinforces to H14.
    Assassin 7 reinforces to B14.
    Assassin 8 reinforces to I5.
    Turn 4:

    Player Units:

    Enemy Units:

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