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[Happy Amakirr]

After Alek was killed, tried to convince Magtok to make her a clone baby since she's infertile. Magtok scolded her and snapped her out of it, making her realize her sudden desire for a biological child was from Alek. She still feels the urge, but is fighting it.

She and Magtok went to Maggy Land to try and confront Shepherd, only to learn that Cynthia and Shepherd are one. They realized they'll probably have to work with Reinholt Prime now, but their attempt to contact him was a fail. So they went to get ice cream and got attacked by a lightning daemon that pretty much made electrical mincemeat of Happy.

[Peter Raven]

Healed Ordo after the fight with Alek, then left to heal Ingi.

[Ingileifr of the Western Peaks]

Got a vision from Alek that the Norns were in danger and flew off to rescue them. Ended up getting his claws torn off by Astir. Is currently healing.

[Hannah Snow]

When she realized the Professor wasn't in a hurry to bring her back into the network, she wandered off, ending up on a cliff top where she contemplated suicide, though not in a serious way. Met Reinholdt there, and let slip the existence of Liquid Agony. Finally decided to return to Knaves Castle, where the Professor's warm welcome of her made her decide to have her brain operated on again to return to the creation hive mind.

Later went with the Professor to meet Reinholdt, where his talk about how to get revenge on Jeremy made her uncomfortable. She went to the other end of the bar, only to have Jeremy himself sit down next to her and buy her a drink. She warned him of what the professor was planning, while trying not to look at him at all.

[Sunny Evans]

Met Ordo as he was recovering from the Alek attack, and the psion repaired a few more of her lost memories. She discovered that the Reinholdt who was responsible for her mental and physical rape is returned, and intends to kill him. She left the MagCave with Charity and Edijar, and her robots, and a bunch of tools, and is currently at GLoG, working furiously.

[Charity Evans]

Decided to start hunting down GLoG members who are missing but not deadtimed. Rescued Marley with the help of Nadas, Reelshka, and Edijar, and learned from him that Magtok had joined AMEN again. Terrified for her sister, she confronted Magtok, and was finally convinced that he probably wasn't going to let Sunny fall into AMEN's clutches, but he's still lost a lot of trust with her. Learned that Rein Prime is back, and dragged her sister off to GLoG, over her protests.

[Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War]

Is currently guarding the Iron Queen, who was wounded when Shepherd ripped a gap into her hell. The gap is being guarded by General Baalthazar, but he felt he couldn't fight the siege and guard the Queen at the same time. Decker has her in the infirmary under the name Fidelity Adamant.

Then Butler appeared, and Decker freaked a bit on learning that her husband to be is not only a cat boy, but a non-combatant, and rather mentally challenged. But when she learned that he defeated Lilith with a kiss, decided he must be pretty cool.

She completely failed to explain her temporal existence to Butler, and finally left him believing that his Decker had somehow grown irrevocably young again and had lost her memories.

[Darcy Diavolo]

Returned to AMEN to find it under attack. After being rescued by Jack, she suggested that he not attack the Exalted directly, but instead attack the Embassy and draw them off.

[Dr Ferris Fitzhenry and Molly]

Jeremy met Molly again and reassured her that he was okay.

[Winslow Warwick]

Waiting for his player to get around to him.


Was activated in the AuxCave and given weird instructions by Magtok.


Had his Divinations shop burned down by undead Kal (no relation to Kal). But he wasn't there at the time, because he saw it coming.

[Ostari Elves]

Busy keeping Inside in repair.

[Elias Larmette]

Busy baking stuff, hiding from random soul nomming attackers, and worrying about his brother discovering that he's still torturing insects and other small animals.

[Basil Roxie Oscar Tia Acacia Vasilisa Cecily Coralie Jedwiga]

Idle. Doing stuff offscreen.

[Simone Isandwani]

Probably retired.