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    Current Projects
    Name Homebrew Type Description
    Crossroads: the New World Setting A pathfinder campaign setting about an alternate history of North America, where five empire collide in a magical land full of potential. On the road to publication!
    Thirtysixes Race Octopus-starfish-thing race. Pretty wierd, but fun.

    Finished Projects
    Name Type Description
    Adlet Race A merging of human and dog spirit from the cold north.
    The Aegis Prestige Class A dual-shield guardian.
    Alot Monster A cute and cuddly beast of bad grammar.
    Amulet of the Boundless Wanderer Artifact An artifact with mobility in mind
    The Amulet of the Primal Heart Artifact Tap into the animal within
    Angelic Preener Monster A heavenly stylist, a contest-winning entry.
    Beastmaster Base Class A wildman and his monstrous friend
    Bleachwood Beast Template Construct? Undead? Animal? Plant? ALL OF THE ABOVE!
    Bloodprawn Swarm Artifact/Monster A swarm of tiny bloodswimming shrimp robots designed to keep you alive. Nanobots, anyone?
    Bone Nightmare Monster A shape-shifting undead beast made of dozens of skeletons, able to rearrange itself into various shapes.
    Byakugan Feat Set Feats A naruto homebrew for monks
    Cerberans Monster/Race A race of three-headed guardians, straddling the line between carceri and the mortal world.
    Champion of Krav Monster The firebird awakes with this contest entry
    Changeling Warshaper Prestige Class A changeling warrior whose body is a weapon.
    Chimerans Race + Feats An old project for Tryor, de-specified and updated for universal use.
    Cucco Swarm Monster A monster adapted from Legend of Zelda. Feathers... Feathers everywhere..
    Dire Rabies Disease/Template A magically-enhanced plague that turns it's victims into bloodthirsty savages.
    Dire Staff Weapon Ever wanted to wield a tree?
    Dragon Shaman Fix Base Class An attempt to fix a poorly-made but oh so flavorful class.
    Drasil Race Playable Treefolk
    Dullahanni Monster A hulking, armored monster, and the curse that makes them.
    Eldritch Metamagic Feats Warlock feats that let you trade damage for metamagic effects.
    Gibberling Race A three-in-one race of small, fuzzy sailors
    Garuda Monster/Race A race of massive eagle-warriors, brothers of the rocs.
    Gorons Race + Paragon The rock-eating people from Legend of Zelda
    The Grinch Monster A contest-winning Christmas baddie.
    Guardian Base Class A powerful warrior trained to protect his allies and himself.
    Gustav's Throne Artifact/Monster An animated throne, for the mage with a discerning eye.
    The Harvest King Monster A Halloween contest-winning entry.
    Honu/Ikahonu/Honukai Races + Feats + Items Turtle-taurs, based on box turtles, snapping turtles, and sea turtles.
    Houpetor (Hidden) Race + Feats Dragon-descended whose dragon aspect is concealed within.
    Hunter's Weapons Items The weapons of Monster Hunter, for those who hunt monsters
    Jakkai Race A race of small, fuzzy creatures from the webcomic Slightly Damned.
    Jerboans Race Tiny, bouncy kangaroo-mice.
    Lightbeast Template MADE OF LASERS!
    Pelemana Template Magma-warriors, defenders of nature granted the power of nature's fury.
    Redwall Races Furry little allies, based on the books.
    The Reveler Monster The un-life of the party, a contest-winning creature
    Rook, the Greymount Fortress Monster A contest-winning entry, a living castle.
    Screamers Monster/Race Destrachan-men, created by a mad wizard to study sound.
    Skilled Feat An extremely simple upgrade/replacement for the +2/+2 skill feats.
    Sslak Race + Feats A race of slimes that can borrow skeletons to move around and manipulate things.
    Stranger's Wrath Monsters + Races + Items Converting the video game to D&D rules, because I can.
    Taklobo Race + Feats + Material A race of clam-people.
    Tawaki Race Little penguin pirates!
    Tenaxi Race + Feats A race of plant people based on crabgrass. Regenerating, expansionist, and very hard to really kill.
    Tibur Kosj Race + Feats A race of playable 'Runt' dragons
    Titan-Soul Race The ultimate Cute Bruiser.
    Tommy Rawhead Monster The best (read: worst) hobgoblin who ever lived.
    Totem Fury Base Class Ranger + Barbarian + Shapeshifter Druid = Awesome
    Viridia: The green realm Setting A world without animals, where plants have risen in their place.
    Waddlebang, Cannon Homonculus Creature A homonculus that doubles as a siege weapon
    Warform Initiate Prestige Class The defenders of the shifter people, warriors sacrificing their lives and their bodies for the greater good.
    Wolvar Race + Feats A race of rageaholic wolverine-folk.
    Zora Race + Paragon A race of aquatic warriors from Legend of Zelda

    Unfinished Projects
    Name Homebrew Type Description
    Ancient Spice Base Class + Artifact + Deity The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. I'm on a horse.
    Crimson Fang TOB Discipline A brutal, up-close grappling style.
    Braineater Monster zombies who have a good reason to eat brains.
    Chrysalids Races A metamorphosing race of insectoids
    Court of Seasons: Monsters A fey court that manages the shifting of the seasons.
    Demigod's Demigods Monsters The demigods of the game Demigod, converted to D&D.
    Divine Totems Items Wielding the power of the gods in a sanctified maul, a portable shrine.
    Fleshforge Legacy Setting A world remade by powerful flesh-warping creatures, struggling to establish control once they're gone.
    Goomi Race A race of sentient ooze.
    Greater Totem Barbarian Alternate Class Features A huge remake of all the totem barbarian variations, with many new options.
    Improved Trolls Races Re-imagining a race that seems flat so often.
    Kroon Monster/Race An abberant race of glowing monsters.
    Masks of Majora Incarnum The masks from the game adapted to pen and papre.
    Omnomnomicon Magic System Eat your foes and gain their strengths
    Paragon of Balance Base Class A less-than-stellar paladin remake
    Percy Jackson Setting A modern world full of greek myth. Based on the books, adapted to D&D.
    The Weapons Of The Natural Things Artifacts A set of artifacts created by powerful elemental beings.
    Tome of Iron Monsters + Races + Items + Vehicles A massive homebrewed resource for constructs of all sorts.
    WoW: patch 3.5 Monsters + Races A project that started with the WoW races becomes a project to make the game.
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    Crossroads: the New World: A pathfinder campaign setting about an alternate history of North America, where five empire collide in a magical land full of potential. On the road to publication!

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