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    "What was that? 'Brothers and Sisters'? Funny how you say that one minute when the last you sent many of them to their deaths! Mercury was over half way done with her drink, and took another sip for good measure. The part of her brain that tells her not to taunt the psychos with swords was shutting off for the night.

    "Some leader YOU are! You berate your buddies for getting killed when you're losing, but the moment you THINK you have the advantage, you start singing praises. Why don't you fight us instead of throwing your minions unto our blades? BY THE END OF THE DAY, I'LL BEING WEARING YOUR SPINE LIKE A NECKLACE, ASSUMING YOU HAVE ONE!"

    She points her sword skyward, losing balance for a second, and feeling her body swell with pride... at which point she notices the reinforcements and loses her voice.

    ...oh crap. Um, maybe using his body parts as clothing can wait another day. Time for a strategic advancement to the rear. Already scared sober, Mercury puts on a poor facade of righteous fury and moves to put her back to the door.

    Move to C6.
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