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    Turn 4
    Player Turn:
    Leon moves to F5.
    Ossler moves to C4.
    Mercury moves to C6.
    Sheron moves to D5.
    Julian moves to E6.

    Enemy Turn:

    "See how they tremble and huddle together like scared children? Rain down upon them and kill, maim and slaughter!"
    Assassin 1 moves to C2.
    {table]|Assassin 1 attacks Ossler for 6 damage!|[/table]
    Ossler gains 1 XP!
    Assassin 2 moves to G11.
    Assassin 3 moves to C3.
    Assassin 3 steals Ossler's vulnerary!
    Assassin 4 moves to H10.
    Assassin 5 moves to F10.
    Assassin 6 moves to G12.
    Assassin 7 moves to B10.
    Assassin 8 moves to G3.
    Mortly waits.

    Turn 5:

    Player Units:

    Enemy Units:

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