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The scream in my mind just sounds like the fast zombie screams on halflife 2. These just seem similar to them for some reason.

Cool monster. Freaky especially as breaking people's bones isn't the quickest way to kill someone... :o
come to that, someone needs to make d20 stats for those things. Tiny Aberrations, 1 hd, three versions, adds a "headcrab zombie" template to the victim. the standard ones can use standard zombie, and the poison(fort DC 16, 1d6 con/1d6 con) and fast ones (speed 50 ft, massive bonuses on climb and jump) would have to be made from cratch.

this is a friggin creepy monster. great concept. reminds me of many things, none of wich i can put my finger on. not that I want to. I'm so going to use it if ever I get the chance.