As I just said, we're making the OOC thread to get everything organized and have questions asked/answered.

And what do you mean spinoff? If you read/watch Railgun, good. If you have read/watch Index then just keep in mind that magic will be off limits, we are instead focusing on Academy City and the schools for Espers.

Just knowledge of Railgun will be sufficient to play the RP. Even if you do not know it you can ask us for help. I have not watched a single episode of Bleach yet I know tons about it from Bleachitp.

To start, I'd suggest you make a student character at one of the three schools. (Prestigious academy for girls, Prestigious academy for boys, or average school that is co-ed.) Come up with a good concept, and some sort of power (Canon examples can be anything from classics like teleportation and lightning control to obscure stuff like "making objects thrown by you move at the speed they are thrown at no matter what unless I stop them.")

There will be plenty of time to get a good start into the manga or anime by the time the RP starts.