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Tvtropes say it's a spin-off centered on a character named Mikoto. I was just asking whether I need to read the main manga to get what's going on (Like why they are where they are, have what powers they have and how everything works) but I can gather that I don't
I watched the Railgun anime first, and it made perfect sense to me. You'll be fine, I'm sure.

Anyway, I've been thinking about a character for a bit now, and I'm settling on a character who has light generation as their ability. I'd like to go high level (probably 5) with it, as I think it would best fit the concept. I don't have any desire to really usurp usefulness from other characters, and have narrowed and specified the ability to light generation rather than control because of that- it allows her some crazy capabilities, but people with different powers, even of much lower level, can still be useful around her.