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As for time stopping, it might be okay if s/he cannot stop people (only non-living things.) Or if s/he cannot harm a being while stopping time, and that is requires concentration. But again, time stopping/travel/alteration is really skirting the lines of what is balanced.
If time is stopped for everything but the user then affecting anything is impossible anyway, no time passes so nothing can affect the target.

But just that would be game breaking since they could just carry something heavy around, stop time and drop it just above somebody's head and start time before it hits... Limiting the amount of mass that can be non-stopped at once might fix that, though.

That way they can still drop a glass of water on someone or doodle on their face, which is most important

It would need a time-limit, for a lack of better word, you are right about that. It being time-related could be fixed by making it speed-related instead, though