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    Default Re: Potpourri Creation Contest III: Salazar's Spellbook Supreme

    On the Life and Times of Edward the Sly

    "Edward? What I wouldn't give to be him! He's not just fortune's friend, he's fortune's friend with benefits!" - Sar Pios, acquaintance of Edward the Sly.

    "Within these pages lies a scholarly account of the amazing life of Edward the Sly, an unexceptional lad from obscure origins whose mercurial rise to prominence was as expedient as it was shocking. He had no training, little education, and few real talents, yet his actions and his existence forever changed the face of Caveria. Whether it was luck or fate that brought about his greatness, to say that fortune favored him would be a grievous understatement..." - Introduction by Vincente Durante, royal historian of Caveria.

    Luck Components

    A spell with a Luck component requires the expenditure of a luck reroll (see [Luck] feats in Complete Scoundrel) in order to use. Rerolls expended in this fashion act as if used, and are returned normally once a new day begins (or through effects such as Edward's Replenshing Luck). Spellcasters without luck rerolls may not cast these spells. You may spend temporary luck rerolls to fuel the Luck components of spells unless the spell itself says otherwise.

    Edward's Lucky Break
    Conjuration [Teleportation] / Divination
    Level: Bard 1, favored soul 1, sorcerer 1
    Components: V, S, Luck
    Casting Time: 1 immediate action
    Range: 5 ft, 10 ft, or 15 ft; see text
    Target: You
    Duration: Instantaneous

    "...By all accounts, Edward was never a great fighter. He had no combat training, and rarely bothered with protective gear or spells. Yet, when enemies tried to pierce him with weapons or blast him with spells, he had a tendency to be exactly where he needed to be to avoid the attack..."

    You teleport to any location within 5 ft of where you are, as long as you have line of sight and line of effect to that location. If an enemy was attacking you with a melee or ranged attack (including touch spells and effects), you may cast this after it is rolled and knowing if that attack would hit, and the attack automatically fails (though aftereffects, such as splash weapons' splash damage, may still work on you). If an enemy was targeting you with a targeted spell or ability, that fails only if you go outside the spell or ability's range or receive total cover or concealment. If an enemy was using an area of effect spell or ability, you are unaffected as long as you manage to go outside the spell or ability's area.

    The range of this spell improves to 10 ft at caster level 6, and 15 ft at caster level 12.

    Edward's Lucky Charm
    Divination / Transmutation
    Level: Bard 5, favored soul 5, sorcerer 5
    Components: V, S, F, Luck
    Casting Time: 10 minutes
    Range: Touch
    Target: One object; see text
    Duration: 1 day/level or until expended
    Saving Throw: No
    Spell Resistance: No

    "...Edward loved to bestow emeralds to those close to him, claiming that it would bring them good luck. The truth of these claims is debatable, but perhaps a bit of his luck really have rubbed off on those he deemed his friends..."

    You infuse a bit of your own luck into a gemstone. For the duration of this spell, the bearer of the stone gains a +1 luck bonus to all d20 rolls. This luck bonus is added to the actual die roll, to a maximum of 20 on any one roll (so a +1 luck bonus on an attack roll of 1 would change the result to 2, negating the critical fumble).

    In addition, the stone's bearer may choose to expend the stone's magic to reroll a single d20 roll. This does not require an action. If he does so, this spell ends and the stone becomes nonmagical as before.

    While this spell is in effect, you lose access to the luck reroll spent to cast the spell, not regaining it even after a day passes (nor through an effect such as Edward's Replenishing Luck). Unlike other spells, you may not spend a temporary luck reroll for the luck component of the spell. If the spell ends for some reason (such as the duration ending, getting dispelled, or being spent to reroll a die roll), you gain the ability to get the luck reroll back, though you do not actually regain it immediately but rather at the beginning of the next day when you regain all of your luck rerolls.

    Focus: A nonmagical gemstone (worth at least 100 gp).

    Edward's Lucky Moment
    Level: Bard 4, favored soul 4, sorcerer 4
    Components: V, Luck
    Casting Time: 1 immediate action
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: Instantaneous

    "...Edward always had a knack for performing great feats of the extraordinary whenever they are most needed. A whispered wish for good luck always seemed to cause the most unlikely shot or haphazard stunt to succeed..."

    Cast this spell after rolling a d20 roll and seeing the result, but before knowing whether it's a success or failure. You may treat the roll as if you had rolled a 20 rather than the actual result of the roll.

    Edward's Lucky Streak
    Level: Bard 2, favored soul 2, sorcerer 2
    Components: V, S, F
    Casting Time: 1 swift action
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: 1 min/level (D)

    "...Edward's luck tended to come in spectacular bursts. At one moment he might be in a bad spot, but as soon as one thing changes in his favor, everything inevitably tumbles into place..."

    Whenever you roll a d20 roll and receive a result of 11 or greater, you gain a cumulative +1 luck bonus to all d20 rolls for the duration of this spell. This luck bonus is added to the actual die roll, to a maximum of 20 on any one roll (so a +2 luck bonus on an attack roll of 19 would change the result to 20, inducing an automatic hit, critical threat, an increase in this spell's luck bonus, and so on). You may have a maximum luck bonus of 2 + 1 per 5 caster levels (capping at +5 at caster level 15) from this spell.

    Whenever you roll a d20 roll and receive a result of 10 or less, this spell ends. For all d20 die rolls, luck bonuses from this spell do count towards calculating whether the result is over or under 10, and if you reroll the roll (such as via a Luck feat) or change its result (such as via Edward's Lucky Moment), only the final result counts towards this spell (so if you roll a 4 on a save and reroll it via Survivor's Luck to 17, you gain a +1 luck bonus and this spell does not end). Spending an Action Point to improve the roll counts as changing the result this way.

    Focus: A golden pair of dice worth at least 50 gp.

    Edward's Purloined Fortune
    Level: Bard 3, favored soul 3, sorcerer 3
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
    Target: One creature
    Duration: Instantaneous or 1 hour; see text
    Saving Throw: Will partial; see text
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    "...While Edward was not a thief in the conventional sense, some speculate that he may have had a way to 'borrow' luck from his enemies, if their meteoric falls and amazing fumbles are to be believed..."

    Target creature loses one luck reroll for the day, plus an additional one per 5 caster levels (capping at 4 rerolls at caster level 15). A successful Will save halves the number lost. If the creature does not have enough luck rerolls, it gains a -1 luck penalty to all d20 rolls for each luck reroll it would lose but does not have, lasting for 1 hour. This penalty is subtracted from the actual die roll, to a minimum of 1 on any one roll (so a -3 luck penalty to an attack roll of 3 would change the result to 1, inducing an automatic miss).

    For each luck reroll a creature loses because of this and for each point of luck penalty it takes, you gain a temporary luck reroll that lasts for 1 hour. If you would gain additional temporary luck rerolls from another casting of this spell while the previous rerolls are still available, you lose those previous rerolls, even if you would gain fewer new ones.

    Edward's Replenishing Luck
    Level: Bard 4, favored soul 4, sorcerer 4
    Components: V, S, M
    Casting Time: 1 minute
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: Instantaneous

    "...Whenever Edward seemed down on his luck, he flipped a coin until it came up heads. Inevitably, his fortune would rise again soon after, though whether he truly changed it with a coin toss, only the gods know..."

    You regain all of your luck rerolls for the day, even if they are spent.

    Material Component: A golden coin (worth at least 1 gp, obviously).
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