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    Default Re: [Nexus] OoC II: Where Sanity Comes to Die.

    I suppose I'll make a character list for myself too.

    Dipsnig Razortooth, the pessimistic, grumpy and irritable goblin leader of MERC. A thief and a spy by profession. Has his own wolf pack.
    Wenomir, a master swordsman and martial artist, one of the leaders of what's left of Vigil. All serious, no sense of humor, lots of scars, rather violent.
    Michalson Barring.
    Dorota Seregon, an alchemist. Works in Erin's Emporium.
    Reelshka Trollfinger, a goblin architect. A member and resident fix-it-all of GLoG as well as member of its council.
    Brinika Trollfinger, a tiny goblin girl and Reelshka's niece who visits her aunt and friends in GLoG sometimes.
    Sophie Mouchabiere, a former monster-hunter, now Solar Exalted.
    Thariza Brighthorn, a Charr gladium seeking purpose in life.
    Calm Reed
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