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    Default Re: [Nexus] OoC II: Where Sanity Comes to Die.

    I suppose I'll make a character list for myself too.

    Dipsnig Razortooth, the pessimistic, grumpy and irritable goblin leader of MERC. A thief and a spy by proffession. Has two riding wolves: a female one named Viima and a male one named Kullervo, who's Viima's mate and the father of her cubs.
    Wenomir Rawicz, a master swordsman and a member of WATCHTOWER - a part of its ruling triumvirate, romantically involved with another member, KR. All serious, no sense of humor, lots of scars, rather violent.
    Michalson Barring, a half-elven shadowmage from Sigil and a chosen servant of Lady Death, charged with hunting down undead. Has permanent wounds on arms and forehead. A bit of a layabout. Ex-member of AMEN, now a MagCorp employee.
    Dorota Brońska, an alchemist. Works in Erin's Emporium, is in a relationship with her co-worker Crissy. Tried to kidnap Wenomir once and is rahter ashamed of it. Has a flying homunculus named Horatio and a golem named Sizewell.
    Reelshka Trollfinger, a goblin architect. A member and resident fix-it-all of GLoG as well as member of its council. Rather stubborn and unbending in her opinons. Aunt to Brinika and mother to a half-wolfen boy named Tuskfang.
    Anatolij Fedorowicz Eliaszeńko, a Cossack from 17th Century Ukraine who ended up in the Nexus and became a Mortal Coil soldier.
    Brinika Trollfinger, a tiny goblin girl and Reelshka's niece who visits her aunt and friends in GLoG sometimes. Nosy, curious and musical. Followed around by Caretaker the GLoG drone who protects and obeys her. Also chosen to be the Maiden aspect of Mother Eve.
    Sophie Mouchabiere, an Imbued hunter of the Redeemer creed from the World of Darkness. Former social worker. A member of GLoG and the Sacred Order of the Cunningham.
    Thariza Brighthorn, a Charr gladium serving in HALO. Heavily armoured, skilled in protective magic and vehicle maintenance. Not too bright, strangely reluctant to take initiative and prefers to obey orders.
    Mark, a Marrenoloth type Yugoloth. Hired by Decker's father to keep an eye out on her. A very chill, friendly guy who likes drinking and playing cards and chess. Carries an oar around and has a boat in an extradimensional space. Character retired.
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