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    Care Williams

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Age: 20-ish?

    Alignment: True Neutral Neutral?

    Class (or approximation): Militia/Mechanic

    Rank: Lance-Constable

    Power Level: E+

    A shortish, East Asian type woman with lengthy dark-brown hair (usually tied back in some manner or other), verging on black, and equally dark eyes. Lightframed, and... 'in shape' is I guess what you'd call it, though probably not 'fit.' Quite pretty, though with a slightly masculine facial structure, despite her attempts to soften it. Wears glasses.

    Abilities: Has had some military experience, but that was a 'long time ago', at least, in her view. She's good with tech and technology though, especially communications tech, but she's no genius.

    • Clothes! (obviously)
    • Glasses - Perscription, but they also emit a weak psionic pulse that supresses her own abilities (both her Sparkiness and Force sensitivity) and also prevent other people from recognizing her as a KR clone, unless they have good psionic resistance, or are in on it already.
    • A sword. Ordinary. Steel.
    • A crossbow. Reinforced, capable of punching a hole through a human.
    • A drum full of enchanted bolts - inscribed with the Eye of Derleth, making them Super Effective against starspawn and other such eldritch monstrosities.
    • A typical 72-hour Get Out of Dodge bag, with all the usual supplies.
    • Several handmade grenades, part of the Get Out of Dodge set - not very powerful, but still deadly.

    Care's 'past', if artificially implanted memories can be called a past, is actually quite dramatic. Raised on Corulag by a single father, a former Kuat Drive Yards starship technician, Care was always something of an Empire loyalist (that's Galactic Empire, folks, not Acronymian Empire), to the point of applying to the Corulag Imperial Military Academy, despite the Imperial Navy's misogynistic leanings, and, most brazen of all, actually exceeding, despite her disadvantage. This came to an end though, when a Rebellion insurgent bombed the Academy during a ceremony, decimating Care's class, and killing her then lover. Unable to continue, Care dropped out, and took the first ship off-planet. As things would have it, said ship ended up getting sucked into the Nexus, breaking apart upon entry, and crashlanding somewhere Outside. Care's been living in Inside ever since. After getting caught in the Sheperdocalypse, Ebonocalypse, and, directly after, injured and rendered homeless in the lead up to That Day, she took up a job for the Remnant, deciding that if her life from now on was going to end up just being full of crazy, she might as well play for the winning team, instead of being just another victim.

    Miscellaneous: May or may not be KR's evil twin.
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