Academy City. Home to over two point three million people, eighty percent of which make up the student population that attends the city's many schools, academies, institutions and colleges. A state of the art city over thirty years ahead of it's time, almost entirely devoted to the study of psychic phenomena that has been discovered. The entire city is filled with tall windmills, used to power the city at all times, small trash can-like maintenance security robots traveling about the city in order to keep it as orderly and clean as they can manage.

Dangerous gangs of delinquents known as Skill Outs prowl where they can find easy prey, hot-headed espers challenge one another to bouts in bids to determine who is the strongest among them, and to top it all was the middle of winter. The air is crisp and chill enough that one can see their own breath billowing in front of them, with the occasional snow flurry to give a bout of childish wonder at the sight of this bizarre city with a snowy mantle briefly thrown over it.

Today is a day like any other, the chimes ringing all across the city as classes let out for the day, the sudden rush of students flooding the streets from myriad different buildings out unto the chilly streets. Now was the time for the thousands of students within Academy City to seek their own fortunes and distractions....