Catarino sat on top of the roof of his apartment, looking over the city. The streets below were like rivers; the buildings were sky-reaching mountains. People milled about below, going through the natural rhythm of daily life. The air was cold, but it didn't matter to him. It was nature. A falcon landed on his shoulder. It was a small one, still young. It looked at Catarino. He took out some bird feed and fed it to the falcon. The falcon graciously ate it, then flew off. Catarino lied down. Everything was fine.

Meanwhile, inside, his sister Cici was on the computer. She had a window open for C++, and was working on something. She was eating a small snack while she was doing it, and didn't look that bothered. A few more windows on the computer were also there, which included a certain doujin, and a website. Not much sound came from her, except the tap at the keyboard. Everything was fine, for now.