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    Satoku Masaki, Onizuka Middle School

    "...and with that in mind, I would advise you all to-"


    The end-of-the-day bell rings, drowning out Professor Satoku Masaki's calm and level voice. Nobody listens as he lists the last few announcements for the up-coming exams. Nonetheless, he makes no effort to raise his voice or to get his rowdy students under control; he merely reads what he must. Once he is finished doing so, he puts away his things and heads out of the classroom, pushing his way past the crowds of students eager to get out of class.

    He breathes in the biting chill of Academy City's winter air as he exits the school building. Food carts offering hot drinks and delicious snacks line the street as he walks, but he ignores them all.

    It was winter, wasn't it? When he first met her?

    "Nice to meet you. I'm Moriyage Sorea."

    Yes, it was. 4 years ago, soon after he had graduated from Azabu.

    "Dr. Fujiwara tells me that you'll be working with me on the project?"

    The white lab coat, the short chin-length hair, the unlit cigarette held casually in her mouth. The bored expression on her face.

    "I'll be straight with you, I'm not used to working with other people on this sort of stuff, so sorry if I get too bossy or disorganized.


    Say... a light?"

    Satoku Masaki, cybernetics researcher and professor of Basic AIM Field Theory at Onizuka Middle School, gazes straight ahead, distracted by nothing, as he makes his way to his laboratory.


    Tennori Masahito, Psyche Hunters Hideout in District 10

    "Ha! Well, I suppose you've got me there. Good game everyone, good game. Is anyone up for another round?"

    "Sure thing, boss!"

    "Ready if you are, boss."

    "You comfortable in that wheelchair, boss?"

    "Of course, of course. Now, shall we play?"

    For the fugitives, the outcasts, and the pariah of Academy City who called themselves the Psyche Hunters, it is simply another cold winter day spent exercising, relaxing, and, in the case of the gang's leader Masahito, playing Mahjong.

    As the small rectangular pieces are shuffled around, Masahito glances out the window at the falling snow. As he recalled, it was snowing that day too, a freak snowstorm that had followed up an unusual cold wave. He tugs unconsciously at the bandages around his neck as he remembers.

    The impact of a metal bat against his ribs.

    The impact of a knuckle duster crushing his face, over and over again.

    The impact a combat boot to the diaphragm, robbing his lungs of air, choking him.

    The feeling of a rough, scarred hand closing tight around his windpipe.

    "Ikisawa! What's wrong? Come on, the party's just about to begin, and you're the guest of honor!"

    "...oss? Boss? You there? Boss!"

    "Hmm?" A voice wakes him out of his reverie.

    "Hand's dealt, boss. You ready?"

    Masahito coughs and shifts his cast-bound arm onto the table.

    "Ah, yes, of course. Shall we begin?"


    Pâtisserie Joyeux, Kadokado Café, Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

    At three of the most popular hang out spots for students of Academy City, store owners were getting ready for another busy day. It was winter, with exams coming up, and students needed their daily fill of pastries, sweet beverages, and greasy food to get through the rest of the day.

    Hitomi sweeps the last fallen leaf out away from the porch, a satisfied smile on her face as she inspects her establishment. A sign near the door advertises, Winter Cake Special!

    Futae giggles as the last coffee machine finishes warming up, and prances her way downstairs to greet customers.

    Sanin is prodded awake from her drunken stupor and pulls on an apron, grumbling at the prospect of the day's work.

    Life as usual at Academy City.
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