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    Quote Originally Posted by Callos_DeTerran View Post
    Sakurako, Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

    Whenever Tokiwadai let out, there was always one girl in particular who sped through the streets whenever the fancy struck her. And be 'sped', she was actually 'hopping' from teleport to teleport towards her destination. A good way to practice her endurance and plus...Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri had some of the best food in the entire city!

    At least...that was the opinion of the teleporter rapidly making her way to the hybrid restaurant, red pony-tail flying behind her. Sakurako gave little care for decorum as she hurries towards her favorite spot, schoolbag in hand as she finally rounds the final corner to see the restaurant. That was about the time that Sanin was wearily tying on her apron, also about the same time that Sakurako pushed open the door.

    "Hello~!" the energetic red-head calls out entirely too happily as she comes in, eying Sanin with a mischievous look in her eyes. "Aww, why do you insist on wearing such...slovenly things?"

    The question was directed at Sanin herself, making several new customers freeze in surprise, even as those who had seen this spectacle before just shake their heads with a bemused expression on their faces.

    In a flash Sakurako was behind the older and, frankly, intimidating woman and reaching her hands out. One is playfully rested on Sanin's hip while the other is a little more adventurous in traveling upwards.

    "Did you at least wear something decent or feminine beneath these Mitsune-chan?" Sakurako teases before focusing for just a moment. In the next Sanin's sweatpants and white shirt appeared three feet to her left...and completely off her body. Good thing Sanin was still behind a counter and out of sight for the most part!

    Giggling, the trickster quickly dances back and reappears back by the door, reaching up to cover her mouth with one hand as she looks critically at Sanin.

    "Well I guess it's not too bad..." Sakurako muses aloud, gazing up at the ceiling before her phone begins to ring. She blinks rapidly, fishing it out of her pocket and looks at the front screen in confusion before flipping it open, "Hello? Hisagi-kun?"

    The vibrant red-head seems utterly oblivious to the brewing danger behind her...


    Society drives it into the heads of humans that nudity is a condition that induces embarrassment. Perhaps that was why Sakurako was off guard after she stripped Sanin almost nude. Regrettably, Sakurako has forgotten one key piece of information that has instead doomed her, utterly and irreversibly:

    Drunk people don't get embarrassed so easily.

    Behind the distracted Sakurako, a stiff, mechanical smile appears on Sanin's face. Veins around her temples bulge as rage, mixed with liberal amounts of alcohol, builds up in Sanin, easily overwhelming any sense of impropriety she might have had at standing in a crowded restaurant wearing nothing but a track jacket.

    "Sakurako-chan~?" The voice is sweet, sweet like a ripe apple laced with deadly poison. Sanin's wiry, toned arms wrap around Sakurako's throat in a neck snapping grip.


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