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    Kanazuchi Kazumi

    Winter.... it was that magical time in Academy city, where the normally tall and gleaming buildings were now matched with a light snow. Small flakes fell even as bells rang, and it gave a kind of Christmas and New Year Holiday feeling to the atmosphere.

    But it was cold. Kazumi hated the cold.

    She was running in an undignified manner for a student of the famous princess school [Tokiwadai], fighting wind and holding her bag to her chest. Mittens and a hat were her only protection from the annoyance of the weather.

    Of course, the forecast had said it would be like this. And of course she prepared like the other girls in the dormitory.

    But the reason that Kazumi is running is because of the noisy people chasing her angrily. Yes, another mistaken confrontation. Because of course, a girl who is out of school and running to chase a certain red-haired sempai who teleported a certain important blazer, is not interested in avoiding possible cultural failures. Like running into a certain group of young brats.

    In specific, a group of brats whose member she had punched the week before when he had made an attempt to buy ice cream for her.

    Yes, she could fight these boys now. But the dorm supervisor would hear, and that was a terrifying thought that made Kazumi run more quickly.

    The snow was slippery, so she skidded around the corner and at last, she had arrived. She breathed a sigh of relief. It was convenient to have an ability such as hers, because she was not sweating or breathing hard. But here at the Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri named restaurant, maybe she would find her target, and lose the troublesome boys.

    "S-so cold!" She muttered to herself as she entered.

    Ah, but as usual it is a scene of embarrassment, as expected of Sakurako.
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