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    Yamamoto Katsu

    As the bell rang it's first chord and the teacher allowed the class to go a wind swept through the room.
    Katsu was already in the hallway when his classmates were getting up, climbing out a window and speeding down he soon reached the roads outside Azabu Academy.

    At this point Kei has been sitting for about three seconds, he might now notice the wind that blows the door up and closes it silently again. He might also notice that a fellow student from Azabu sitting right next to him

    "Hi there! have you ordered yet? I wonder if they have cocoa today, I like cocoa. But they never have any. What do you want to order?"
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    At first, it was the smiley faces and the mannerisms. Then, it was the infernal magpie. It struck a chord. A cutely fiendish, macabre chord.

    An then I saw Keveak in the sorting hat and you are just the cutest thing when you want to be. My gosh look at that. It's squee-inducing.