Harada Rin

It went by so quickly that she barely could register what was happening.

Fast, stamping footsteps, heart racing as she sped down the street-

A shriek that tore from her throat, and then-

A loud thump that resounded not only in the air, but through her body.


Rin blearily opens her eyes.
Everything was upside down? Rin tilts her head, and then falls over as her precarious balance is thrown off, giving a little eep of surprise as she lands in a small pile of snow. Slowly regaining her bearings, she looks back from where she came from, trying to work out precisely what had happened.

As a few bystanders stared at her, whispering to themselves, the memories of her impromptu but quite spectacular flight across a small patch of ice come back, and Rin's cheeks color with her embarrassment. She quickly brushes off the snow (or not really, it mostly just melts onto her now quite sodden uniform), picks herself up and tries to walk away as quickly as possible.

Feeling quite miserable, her head down, Rin enters Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri. It wasn't where she had planned to go, or a place she was familiar with (in fact, where was she? She'd lost her way at some point), but it looked warm and like a place where she could get something to eat. She barely registers the situation she's stumbled into, and instead just tries to slip in quietly and get a seat, not wanting to garner attention due to her embarrassment.

Those who keep up with the times will probably recognize her as the new pride of Tokiwadai, a girl rumored to be a from a family rich enough that they could probably buy half the city right out, and a prodigy ability user. It's doubtful that anyone will actually know her personally yet though... which will probably make people curious, especially over why she has arrived here of all places. It's far from her school, certainly not a classy establishment, and just what had happened to her, anyway?

Rin herself just sits alone, her body somewhere between a posture of 'everything is definitely totally normal' and a less refined and more pathetic 'please don't look at me.'