Fujii Hinata

Through the streets and crowds of wandering students, dances a tall figure dressed in a fluffy, pink wintercoat, giggling as he slides on the thin sheen of ice formed on the walkways, whirling and jumping around as if he was figure skating. Brisk winter air makes his cheeks beam red even through layers of white powder as he makes his merry way towards his new workplace.

Overall, he seems to be dangerously stuck in his own little world. People scurry out of his way, not wanting to collide with the oblivious traveller. He smiles widely at passerbys as he prances past them, sometimes brushing their clother or hair, gathering several puzzled glances before arriving at the doorstep of Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri.

"Yoshikawa-san! I'm here!"
, Fujii Hinata chirps as he pushes past Kazumi, small bits of frost and snow falling down from his head and shoulders. His smile is replaced by blank confusion as the odd scene begins registering in his mind. Several things immediatly jump to his mind, such as:

Why is Mitsu-chan wearing so few clothes?

Why is she choking that hapless girl?

And, most importantly:

"Oooh! Such adorable color!"
, Hinata shouts, hurrying next to Sanin and kneeing his superior to her side as he grabs hold of Sakurako's pony-tail, bronze eyes shining with enthusiasm. "What dye do you use? You must tell me, Pretty-chan!"