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"Sakurako-chan~?" The voice is sweet, sweet like a ripe apple laced with deadly poison. Sanin's wiry, toned arms wrap around Sakurako's throat in a neck snapping grip.


Sakurako, Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

"Oh you know me, schools out and I always try to swing by Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri for something quick to eat and to tease Mitsune-chan..." Sakurako says all too happily, until the restaurant holder's arms slide over her shoulders and around her neck, causing fear to grip her heart and freeze her mind. "H-h-hey there Sanin-san, I hope you didn't take that personall...ghhgh! Hisagi, she's got me! *crack*"

Sakurako's green eyes go wide, just as the neck-snapping motion is completed and she begins to fall down to the ground. Just before everything went black, she noticed Kazumi coming in and belatedly remembers she has the other's blazer in her school bag...and that someone is petting her pony-tail.

Goodbye sweet world!


Few Minutes Later...

Sakurako gives another apologetic bow to Kazumi and Sanin, a sheepish look on her face as she returns her younger class-mate's blazer.

"Sorry, sorry! Just can't help myself, besides Kazumi-chan you liked like you were too hot!" Sakurako says defensively, but with a good natured smile on her face. Truly it was all in good fun, something to brighten up an otherwise ordinary day, even as she casts a perturbed look at the...boy? Girl? The person who had been stroking her pony-tail before. Hinata's words make her flush, possessively grabbing her own pony-tail and running one hand along it.

"Hey, this is my natural hair color!" she says, lying but not too much, she was a redhead, she just dyed to this specific shade...Really!

"C'mon Kazumi-chan.." the red-head grumbles, heading towards one of the empty tables. She can't help but look curiously at the albino girl in the Tokiwadai uniform though...it couldn't be..could it?