Kanazuchi Kazumi
[A certain Japanese Restaurant]

Kazumi had been avoiding a fight only because she was stubborn enough to chase down Sakurako. But to stand inside of the restaurant and witness the neck twist, and then the dejected arrival of another sempai - and the most famous and legendary one of Tokiwadai- it was a small statement that Kazumi was unbalanced. The stranger who Kazumi decided to call 'Pink Jacket' was more off balancing.

Were the brats outside still? Kazumi turned to look. Oh, they had stared at the dejected Ace of Tokiwadai, and then run away.

To say that a fight with a Tokiwadai student is a bad idea is true. But of a place where there is two, it must be thought as a dangerous place. And if it is three, then it is advisable to run away.

Maybe they are smarter than they appear. Kazumi thought. With an exasperated look, she put her blazer on again, hit Sakurako lightly on the arm and followed Sakurako to the table.

"Oi, Kazusa sempai, I don't know who this...Pink Jacket friend is... But if you're going to do strange things with....Pink Jacket, then I'll excuse myself now. I think I see our 'Ace' over there."