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    Quote Originally Posted by Callos_DeTerran View Post
    Sakurako, Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri

    "Oh you know me, schools out and I always try to swing by Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri for something quick to eat and to tease Mitsune-chan..." Sakurako says all too happily, until the restaurant holder's arms slide over her shoulders and around her neck, causing fear to grip her heart and freeze her mind. "H-h-hey there Sanin-san, I hope you didn't take that personall...ghhgh! Hisagi, she's got me! *crack*"


    Sanin still does not seem to care that half the restaurant is staring at her and the other half is staring at her lack of clothes. She grips Sakurako's head in a one handed vice grip, her utterly fake smile still on her face, but the sweet voice gives away to Sanin's usual guttural drawling.

    "Okay, ya little brat. Told ya not to do that, didn't I? Do it again, and next time I strip YOU. 'Kay?"

    "Wait, she's really going to do that?"

    "Oh yeah, definitely."

    "This place is awesome."

    "And the next time you call me that, I'm putting pickles in yer burger. LOTS of 'em."

    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen_Feet View Post
    Fujii Hinata

    "Yoshikawa-san! I'm here!"
    , Fujii Hinata chirps as he pushes past Kazumi, small bits of frost and snow falling down from his head and shoulders.
    Sanin lets go of Sakurako's head and turns to her employee, the typical look of disgruntled boredom back on her face.

    "Oh, heya part-timer. Get yerself ready, we've got a long day--*oof!* Hey!" She glares at Hinata, rubbing her side. "What was that for!? Watch it! " She starts towards Hinata, her rage kindled again...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vael View Post
    Harada Rin
    [Dripping at a Table]

    Rin drops her books and bag next to her, sighing with relief as she notes they're undamaged. The same couldn't be said for her uniform, but that's a simpler matter to take care of. She could just get a new one, easy.

    For a while, she doesn't seem to notice all the attention that is focusing on her, but eventually she catches on. Her eyes flick around, noting the various reactions and stares, feeling rather put on the spot. Had she done something wrong? Was there something in her hair? The fall hadn't damage her uniform, had it?

    No wonder her mother had schooled her so much in keeping posture and poise- Rin really didn't think she could manage to sit so calmly if it hadn't been for that. It felt so weird to have everyone's eyes on her, and she didn't even know why. Surreptitiously she tries to check her uniform and hair, but... no, it probably wasn't anything in particular, just her poor state after her fall.

    However, these thoughts quickly pass as she picks up a small menu and begins perusing it. She could choose whatever she wanted! What fun! Maybe she'd get a little of everything- she could do that, right? Her legs swing back and forth as she begins cheering up a bit. She was inside, and drying out a bit- it'd be fine.
    ...but she's distracted by the new customer.

    "Wait a sec...haven't I seen her before?

    Quote Originally Posted by Keveak View Post
    Yamamoto Katsu

    As the bell rang it's first chord and the teacher allowed the class to go a wind swept through the room.
    Katsu was already in the hallway when his classmates were getting up, climbing out a window and speeding down he soon reached the roads outside Azabu Academy.

    At this point Kei has been sitting for about three seconds, he might now notice the wind that blows the door up and closes it silently again. He might also notice that a fellow student from Azabu sitting right next to him

    "Hi there! have you ordered yet? I wonder if they have cocoa today, I like cocoa. But they never have any. What do you want to order?"
    Yoshikawa Futae

    As Katsu accosts the unfortunate Kei, Futae's ears perk up to the sound of unattended customers. She twirls her way over to their table, notepad and pen in her hands.

    "Hi~Hi~~!" Futae practically sings her greetings as she leans over and thrusts her face into Kei and Katsu's, a little too close for comfort.

    "Welcome to Kadokado! What can Fu-chan get you today?"
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