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    I can't believe you actually linked every one of your updates... 0.o

    Update 38

    [Happy Amakirr]

    Babysitting Kaela while other people fight the apocalypse.

    [Turtle Brightember]

    Showed up seemingly randomly at GLoG to help fight Jack. Got creamed. Returned to Watchtower. Left again.

    [Peter Raven] / [Ingileifr of the Western Peaks]

    Arrived at GLoG to meet with Czernov and ask expository questions. Ingi rescued Marley from Rot, and then they went to Zephyr Island to await events.

    [Sunny Evans]

    Still working on fighting robot designs, as well as trying to design methods of attacking the Glass Citadel.

    [Charity Evans]

    Helped rescue Phoenix, then went to the idle pile at the bottom of the page.

    [Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War]

    At Watchtower. May get to start hunting demon cultists again now that Earl is back. >=D

    [Darcy Diavolo]

    Returned to AMEN after the siege was lifted. Was approached by Moff to join the coup, but turned him down on the grounds that she didn't want to get eaten by a dragon.

    [Dr Ferris Fitzhenry and Molly]

    Moved out of Trog's and into the Home thread to avoid their room number getting randomly chosen by people.


    Babysitting Phoenix at the GLoG infirmary.

    [Elias Larmette]

    Convinced Hekta to have a bath. Bribed the neighbor girl to help her because girls have cooties.


    After getting her pets settled in, she heard a scream from inside the base. She flew in to see Tweetums cowering in fear as a boy with Very Impressive Hair readied a sword at her baby while his girlfriend screamed. While trying to convince them that he was a pet and meant no harm, the girl tried to attack her twice - once with a magical blowdart, and once with some sort of mystical attack from below. Then the boy tried to use her as a hostage and broke her wing. She intends to talk to Dipsnig about NO's badly behaved children.

    [George Shackleton]

    After praying to Thor for help, Thor absentmindedly dumped god powers into George's mortal mind. George's first use of the powers to heal Czernov ended up restoring him to perfection while triggering a massive thunderstorm that lasted for days. It did make him a bit more solid, though, hinting blatantly at the contrived idea that once he casts enough god spells he'll be a real boy again. He's now at Zephyr Island waiting for the plot to move.

    [Basil Oscar Tia Acacia Vasilisa Cecily Jedwiga Ghavrion Ostari Elves Winslow Warwick Hannah Snow Mainframe Charity Evans]

    Idle. Doing stuff offscreen.

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