Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disk - Chapter 3


Remind me why we're here again?

Because it's the 22nd floor? This looks like stone ruin overgrown with plants throughout the ages. How fascinating! I wonder what secrets it holds?

No, I mean why are we here in this labyrinth?

Come on, Mokou! It's for a good cause.

If you say so...

This incident affects everyone in Gensokyo. It's our duty to do our part.

I think we're doing more than our fair share.

Isn't that great?


How fascinating. It seems to move forward, we'll need to adjust the mystical frequencies of these crystals to open certain pathways through this maze.

You could have just said we needed to flip some switches.

Oh, hush. Don't you have any sense of imagination.


There, see? We can proceed this way.

Doesn't seem that complicated to me.

Hey, we all still have to do our part. It's second nature for me to solve any puzzles that stand in our way. You don't need to be rude about it.

Oh come on, you know I didn't mean it like that. Sorry...

It's OK. I understand, you're just frustrated, that's all. I think you'll feel better once you find your own niche here in our party.

Oh, I think I've already got an idea.

Werewolf flambé, anyone?

Well, I guess that's still a necessary duty.

What remarkable creatures. I've never seen anything like it.

What is that freaky thing suppose to be anyway?

It looks like a large skeletal spine with multiple hands protruding out of it. Ew...

Ha! I guess even your curiosity has its limits.

Oh, be quiet!

Sure, Keine-sensei. Sure.

I love this light show. Gensokyo's the only place I've seen in my long life where mayhem can be this beautiful.

This strange little goblin riding on a cloud is quite pesky. It just quickly buffs up all its allies.

So we kill it first. No big deal.

If only everything were so simple...

Hey, here's something different. You know what this means, don't you?

Another Sigil Guardian! How intriguing!

Well, we know what to do, don't we? Let's roast this weakling's hide. Let me at it!

Careful, Mokou! I don't think you ought to just charge forward into this guy like-

You're talking to someone who's immortal, you know. I can handle this! Bring it on!

Wow, what confidence! I'm so glad you're finally getting excited over this! Your boldness has inspired me to join you in sacrificing myself as a decoy!

Heh...wait, what?

~ Fujiwara no Mokou

~ Keine Kamishirasawa

Well, this took a long time to get done. The boss fight is just so long and boring, I had such a tough time figuring out what to write. Updates may be kind of erratic for this LP, although not nearly as long as this past update took.

Mokou is on this team because among all the dedicated damage dealers in the game, she's kind of forgettable. Her damage output isn't bad, but it's not phenominal either, so for the longest time her description was more average than flattering. However, I have found some neat uses for her. She's got much better durability than most other magic attackers in this game, like Patchouli, Marisa, and Yuyuko. She also possesses good variety in her attack elements, unlike Marisa or Yuyuko, who are both stuck with a single element. Oh, and she's way faster than Patchy and Yuyuko anyway. On my team, I use Mokou and Nitori as high delay nukers that get switched in and out quickly. However, since Mokou is much more durable, you'll notice that in almost every fight I tend to have her switched out when the boss attacks. Sometimes, you need someone capable of taking a few hits, even if they're not the best damage dealer.

Keine's spells really do look terribly average at first glance, but she actually does excel at something. Her offensive spells do just moderate damage (although they're versatile for nearly all situations), and Three Treasures - Mirror is pretty bad compared to Great Hakurei Barrier and IN Quadruple Barrier. However, her offensive buffs are better than I had thought when just looking at them on paper. Only 3 other characters can raise multiple characters' offensive stats at once: Ran, Renko, and Rinnosuke. Ran's Banquet of Twelve General Gods only raises stats by a small fraction of what Keine can do, so even if it does affect backrow characters, it takes forever to get your active characters to do high damage immediately, making it terrible to use in the middle of a damage race. Renko's Charge and Rinnosuke's World Shaking Military Rule raise all stats, but both come with heavy drawbacks; Charge can kill your own party if used improperly, while Military Rule can only ever be used once per fight. Keine, with her above average defenses and excellent HP and affinities, can stay out in the frontlines for a long time while spamming her buffs turn after turn, charging your party's offensive power quickly. Remember that ATK and MAG are useful even for tanks and healers like Meiling and Sanae, who need those stats to raise the potency of their healing spells.